dimanche 18 décembre 2011

The Private Worlds of Marcel DUCHAMP

Marcel DUCHAMP. Fresh Widow, 1920. Miniature French window ; painted wood frame and eight panes of glass covered with black leather. 77.5 x 44.8 on wood sill: 1.9 x 53.3 x 10.2 Inscribed verso, on base, in black ink : Marcel Duchamp 1964. On copper plate affixed to base [inscribed] : Marcel Duchamp 1964 Ex Arturo; engraved: FRESH WIDOW, 1920 / Edition Galerie Schwarz, Milan. Front of base applied across sill in black paper-tape letters: FRESH WIDOW COPYRIGHT ROSE SELAVY 1920, ex. Arturo 1964, Milan

Jerrold Seigel. The Private Worlds of Marcel Duchamp. Desire, Liberation and the Self in Modern Culture, University of California Press, 1997 :