samedi 6 février 2010


Carlo CARRÀ. Manifestazione interventista (Festa patriottica-dipinto parolibero) Démonstration interventionniste, 1914, Tempera, crayon et collage sur carton, 38.5 X 30, collection particulière

Umberto BOCCIONI. Charge des Lanciers, 1915, tempera et collage sur carton, 32 X 50,
 Milan, Collection Ricardo and Magda Jucker

Filippo Tommaso MARINETTI, Zang Tumb Tumb : Adrianopoli Ottobre 1912, Parole in Libertà, Milano, Edizioni Futuriste di « Poesia », 1914

MARINETTI, BOCCIONI, CARRÀ, RUSSOLO & PIATTI. Sintesi Futurista de la Guerra, 1914

Filippo Tommaso MARINETTI. Parole in libertà – Irredentismo, 1914, Encre, pastelle et collage sur carton, 21,8 X 27,8, Lugano, collection particulière

Filippo Tommaso MARINETTI."Parole in libertà" (Manifesto) : Après la Marne, Joffre visita le front en auto, 1915, stampa su carta, 19,3 X 16. Milano, Collezione Calmarini

This poem celebrates the Battle of the Marne, in which the Allies stopped the German conquest of Europe and established the Western Front. Fashioned like a military map, Marinetti's poem portrays General Joseph Joffre's victorious tour of the troops after battle.The general follows winding roads in spirals that evoke his reversals in military strategy.

The letter M simultaneously refers to the word "Marne," renders the outline of mountains, and is the first letter of the words the general speaks: "Mon ami" and "Ma petite." The troops respond, "Vive la France" and "Mort aux boches" (Death to the Germans), while the "ta ta ta ta" and "toumb toum" of gunfire continues, at least in memory

F. T. MARINETTI, Le soir, couchée sur son lit, elle relit la lettre de son artilleur, 
Mots en liberté futuristes, 1915, 44 X 23